This page details some things you'll need to know to get started with the Zeed API.

Welcome to the Zeed API! You can use our REST API to access to all the content created by Zeed so that you can utilise this content amongst your own customer base.

The base URL for the Zeed API is

API Response Format

Our API will return a JSON response with either a data or an error object depending on whether the request was successful or not. The only exception to this is a status code 403 response, which will only have a message object.

Successful Response Codes




OK - the request was successful.

Error Response Codes




Bad request - your request was invalid.


Forbidden - you are not allowed to access this route. Either x-api-token was not passed in the header, the provided token is wrong, or doesn't have access to the route.


Note found - the api route you are accessing was not found.


Internal server error - the server had a problem, please try again or contact us.